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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,166,868
Strike ATK 230,346
Blast ATK 209,432
Strike DEF 133,595
Blast DEF 136,285
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held

Where to Pull

Legends BLU


This variant of Android #18 comes from the tail end of the Cell Games Saga, and this Fighter’s secondary Unique Ability reflects her growing affection for Krillin after he used his Dragon Ball wish to remove the bomb from her chest.

The Android Tag is getting new blood with this addition, and her stats and Abilities are everything a PVP Competitive Team would want with only a few minor downsides to balance out this exceptional Melee Fighter.


PVP Competitive Stats

SP Android #18 BLU has some really well-balanced stats; they are almost completely in line with SP PF Cell RED, who puts a little more into Blast Attack but is otherwise equal or lower in the individual stat ranks. Her emphasis on Strike Attack is complemented by two held Strike Arts Cards.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Her Assault Unique Ability decreases the cost of Strike Arts Cards by 10 for the first 30 timer counts. This means SP Android #18 BLU won’t need to pause to recharge her Ki if she successfully lands a first Attack four Arts Combo since her Ki Recovery Speed is also so high.

Since her Special Move drawing Main Ability only takes 5 timer counts to charge and it’s Strike Attack Buff lasts 20 timer counts, SP Android #18 BLU is an amazing Fighter to start a Match with.


If one awesome Unique wasn’t enough, her secondary Unique increases that already high Strike Damage by +40% against Hybrid Saiyans with an additional 30% if SP Android #18 BLU has a Krillin variant Teammate.

With the recent side-step update, Buffing Vanish Step Recovery Speed is more important than ever and SP Android #18 BLU comes prepared with an Extra Move that instantly Restores her Ki gauge by 50 points and Vanish Step by 40%.

This means that Players who like to goad Enemies into dodging with fake dodges of their own can instantly Recover that lost Vanish Step when the Enemy does move in for an Attack.


Extra Move With an Extra Cost

SP Android #18 BLU’s Extra Move is invaluable, but the price steadily increases with each use. This isn’t so bad considering how high her base Ki Recovery Speed is, especially since the Move initially only costs 10 Ki. However, it’s good to be aware of that steady increase, and switch her out for a different Fighter when the cost becomes more than the Move is worth.

Stuck with Krillin

While her secondary Unique gives a pretty powerful Buff without him, Hybrid Saiyan Teams have enough Synergy to make every Buff count. In order to get an additional 30% Buff against Hybrid Saiyans, a Krillin variant has to be a core Teammate.

Her Z-Ability backs this up by only Buffs Blue Fighters’ Strike and Blast Attack and it’s no coincidence that SP Krillin BLU is a Ranged Fighter with a Blue Strike and Blast Defense Buffing Z-Ability.

Team Synergy

Two Twins and a Baldy

As one writer Raditz pointed out since this latest Android #18 variant was basically made for SP Krillin BLU, putting them in a Team together with SP Android #17 PUR as the third-wheel makes the most sense. They can Synergize each other with the bench Filled with Android Buffing Androids


Even without the increased Unique Ability Buff, SP Android #18 BLU is highly competitive in PVP, so she fits right within pretty much any Android Build that Needs an extra Melee Fighter who can hold her own Defensively.

Equippable Items

Main Ability

Cool Beauty

Draw a Special Move Arts Card next. +40% to damage inflicted for 20 timer counts. Requirements: 5 timer counts must elapse.

Z Ability

+19% to Element: BLU base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+22% to Element: BLU base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+30% to Element: BLU base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+33% to Element: BLU base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected


Infinity Bullet Can Teach

Deals major Impact damage. Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "+20% to Strike Damage Received" for 15 timer counts on hit. 40% chance to inflict Paralyze.

Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Speed

Restores own Ki by 50 and Vanishing Gauge by 40%. +5 cost to own Special Arts cost per use (max +25).

Cost 10



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 400% 498%
Health 21216 43936 77568 119716 172872
Strike Attack 1796 3719 6570 10145 14653
Blast Attack 1779 3685 6504 10044 14504
Strike Defense 1464 3034 5361 8276 11957
Blast Defense 1464 3034 5361 8276 11957
Critical 136 298 542 814 1112
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2 2
Equipment Slots 1 2 2 2 3

Recommended Soul Boosts