SP Fused with Kami Piccolo (Blue)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,237,635
Strike ATK 179,459
Blast ATK 235,391
Strike DEF 130,511
Blast DEF 129,342
Ki Restore Speed

Enemy Drop Locations

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held
Kami Piccolo, Kamiccolo, Kamicolo


SP Kami Piccolo BLU brings so much to the table in terms of sheer Damage and precision as a Ranged Fighter from his base stats to Buffs to his Enemy counters.

He’s an interesting counter to Android Team Builds, which have been growing in popularity to combat the Saiyan Team Meta.

While he definitely comes with drawbacks--Team Synergy issues and unimpressive Defensive stats--this Fighter fits within a variety of powerful Team Build.


All Out Ranged Offensive

This Fighter is all about Ranged Damage and doesn’t mess around. With exceptionally high Blast Attack, two Blast Arts Cards, Abilities that all include a Buff to Blast Damage, and a Ki Recovery Speed that cannot be ignored, SP Kami Piccolo BLU can deal some devastating Combos.

Debuff Shutdown

While this Fighter has many Damage Buffs related specifically to Androids, SP Kami Piccolo BLU is here to protect his Team, even if he can’t Tank for them.

In addition to providing a decent Ki Recovery Speed Team Buff, his Extra Move also cancels all Attribute debuffs.

The growing popularity of Two Color Team Builds led to a significant shake-up in the DBL community. SP Kami Piccolo BLU brushes off concerns for Element Groups with a Main Ability that nullifies all Element targeted debuffs to himself for an entire 45 timer counts. This is potentially game-changing.


Limited Synergy

The way in which SP Kami Piccolo BLU’s Tags and Abilities mix limit his optimization in Team Building. Any Ranged Team would be greatly improved by his inclusion, as would Regeneration Builds and the popular Saiyan Team. But each come with their own drawbacks.

Ranged Teams would have limited Tag Synergy and may not always fully utilize his anti-Android Abilities.

Saiyan Teams would have an ace in the hole against their biggest counter in the Current Meta, but may not be optimized for Blast Attack. They would also gain nothing from his Z-Ability.

Lastly, the Regeneration Tag--while it does have some really powerful Fighters-- is an extremely limited pool to pull from.

Average Defense Stats

SP Kami Piccolo BLU is extremely average when it comes to Defense among Sparkling Fighters, meaning that while he can deliver exceptionally long Blast Combos, Enemy Vanish Step instigated counters could easily stop him and end a winning streak.

This also makes him vulnerable to Strike/switch Combos--a defining characteristic of top-tier SP Melee Fighters.

Equippable Items

Recommended Equipment

You've Made a Critical Mistake

Type Gold
Equip Condition Regeneration
Sale Price 800

Slot 1

Base Critical Up 8% - 20%

Slot 2

Base Ki Restore Speed Up 6% - 15%

Slot 3

Special Arts Defense Up 4% - 10%

Elites Can Be Beaten

Type Gold
Equip Condition Blue
Sale Price 30000

Slot 1

Base Blast Attack Up 8% - 20%

Slot 2

Special Arts Damage Up 4% - 10%

Slot 3

Damage Up 12% - 30%

Team Synergy

Android Team

This is an unusual choice, but adding SP Kami Piccolo BLU to the Team he seems created to destroy has some unexpected perks.

This Team would have the dual power to take down Saiyans and Androids. This Build is further improved with the addition of SP Perfect Cell RED because he benefits from SP Kami Piccolo BLU’s Regeneration Tagged Z-Ability.

All they would need is a good Android Tank to effectively combat the two most popular Team Builds in the game.

Two Color Team

While he isn’t in the strongest Element Group, there’s potential for SP Kami Piccolo BLU to be the off-color in a Two-Color Team Build. While his Abilities might not add much to a Team that lacks a Second Ranged Fighter, his Main Ability protects him from Elemental debuffs.

Considering many Red Element Fighters are on the low end in terms of Blast Defense stats, he would be more an asset than a handicap.

Main Ability

A God's Wisdom

+50% to Blast damage inflicted for 15 timer counts and nullifies own unfavorable Element factors for 45 timer counts.
Requirements: 10 timer counts must elapse.

Z Ability


+22% to Tag: Regeneration base Blast Attack during battle.


+25% to Tag: Regeneration base Blast Attack during battle.


+27% to Tag: Regeneration base Blast Attack during battle.


+30% to Tag: Regeneration base Blast Attack during battle.

Character(s) Affected


Hellzone Grenade Can Teach

Deals major Explode damage. Gain Attribute Upgrade "-40% to enemy's 'Cover: Sustained Damage CUT'" for 30 timer counts.

Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Attack

+10% to allies' Blast damage for 15 timer counts. Cancels Attribute Downgrades.

Cost 15



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 398%
Health 21216 43936 77568 119716
Strike Attack 1779 3685 6504 10044
Blast Attack 1796 3719 6570 10145
Strike Defense 1454 3010 5313 8200
Blast Defense 1496 3098 5472 8447
Critical 136 300 546 820
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2

Recommended Soul Boosts