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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,103,329
Strike ATK 167,710
Blast ATK 161,125
Strike DEF 142,332
Blast DEF 136,758
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


Piccolo SP has great Defense stats and amazing Abilities that keep him fairly relevant, despite his age.

At first glance, Piccolo SP may look like a Fighter with only Defensive viability, but he performs well in terms of Blast Attacks against Saiyans due to his secondary Unique Ability. Since the majority of the current top Fighters are Saiyan, this Ability will almost always be active and valuable.

His only drawback is his lack of Synergy with most of the Regeneration Tag. This prevents him from adequate Team Buffs through his Z-Ability and lowers his viability in a game with heavy power-creep.


A Good Tank

Despite being an older Fighter, SP Piccolo GRN's Defensive stats are still quite competitive and his Z-Ability boosts his Strike Defense even further.

With adequate Soul Boosting, he can Tank most Attacks so long as he isn’t at a type disadvantage and has good Team Support.

Team Heal

Through his Main Ability, SP Piccolo GRN can Restore 25% Health to everyone on the Team still alive.

This Ability is nothing short of amazing and a complete gamechanger. It’s especially useful for Fighters who survive with 1 Health point after a failed Rising Rush or a Dokabaki Impact.


This Ability is really useful, especially since the Side-Step re-work. When cover-switching during an Enemy Combo, SP Piccolo GRN can reduce all the Damage received from that by 50%.

This Defensive capability makes SP Piccolo GRN a valuable Team asset. 


Limited Synergy

SP Piccolo GRN has limited Synergy since his Z-Ability is color-locked. Luckily, SP Good Buu GRN would benefit from this bench Buff. Unluckily, no one else would.

Low Offensive Viability

Although SP Piccolo GRN gets a Blast Attack Boost against Saiyans making his Damage output somewhat acceptable, his Attack stats are low leading to an overall drop in Damage output.

Equippable Items

Recommended Equipment

No, You're Gonna Die!

Type Silver
Equip Condition Green
Sale Price 10000

Slot 1

Base Blast Defense Up 5% - 13%

Slot 2

Base Blast Attack Up 5% - 13%

Slot 3

Special Arts Damage Up 2.5% - 10%

Stay Alive, Gohan

Type Silver
Equip Condition Piccolo
Sale Price 10000

Slot 1

Base Strike Attack Up 5% - 10%

Slot 2

Base Blast Defense Up 5% - 10%

Slot 3

Base Ki Restore Speed Up 5% - 12.5%

Don't Interfere!

Type Gold
Equip Condition Piccolo
Sale Price 800

Slot 1

Base Blast Attack Up 8% - 20%

Slot 2

Base Strike Attack Up 6% - 15%

Slot 3

Damage Up 10% - 25%

Team Synergy

Green Color Counter

SP Piccolo GRN has some pretty good Synergy with most Green Fighters, and the Element group has gotten some fresh blood in the past couple of months, such as SP Android #16 GRN, SP Good Buu GRN, and SP SSJ Goten GRN.

He may not be the first pick for Tank anymore, but he can provide some much-needed bench Support against the Strike-centric Meta.


SP Piccolo GRN has some very limited Synergy with this Team, but it's gained traction with recent updates. If there aren't any better options, he makes for a competent Tank. Players who summon SP Good Buu GRN can still use SP Piccolo GRN as bench Support.

Main Ability

Demon Willpower
Restores ally health by 25% and cures Abnormal Conditions. Requirements: 15 timer counts elapse.

Z Ability

+19% to Element: GRN base Strike Defense during battle.
+22% to Element: GRN base Strike Defense during battle.
+24% to Element: GRN base Strike Defense during battle.
+25% to Element: GRN base Strike Defense during battle.
Character(s) Affected


Special Beam Cannon Can Teach
Deals major Pierce damage. Causes enemy to receive 15% more Blast damage for 15 timer counts.
Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Attack
+15% to Strike & Blast damage inflicted for 30 timer counts.
Cost 25



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 398%
Health 21536 44596 78736 121520
Strike Attack 1726 3575 6317 9755
Blast Attack 1726 3575 6317 9755
Strike Defense 1440 2982 5264 8126
Blast Defense 1454 3010 5315 8205
Critical 118 260 474 712
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2

Recommended Soul Boosts