SP Super Janemba (Purple)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,448,419
Strike ATK 206,827
Blast ATK 211,008
Strike DEF 150,214
Blast DEF 151,707
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held

Where to Obtain

Clear Rewards


SP Super Janemba PUR was the primary reason for Goku and Vegeta fusing in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. Much like SP Super Gogeta RED, this is a fairly balanced Fighter, only this one’s Extra Move counters Ranged Attacks instead of Melee.

At the time of release, the Meta got a major shake-up thanks to three of this Fighter’s primary Tags. All Players got a huge advantage from summoning this Fighter, and even now he occasionally makes it to the core of some Regeneration Teams.


Great Synergy Options

SP Super Janemba PUR is part of two growing Tags--Regeneration and, Sagas Warriors.

Sagas Warriors have until recently been considered fairly useless in terms of synergizing together, but that is clearly no longer the case.

Regeneration saw new Fighters in almost every Summon Event leading up to SP Super Janemba PUR’s release. Even now, they have several strong Builds. 

Powerful Tank

The list goes on and on for why this Fighter should be the go-to choice for Tank in whichever Team he joins. All of this Fighter’s stats are extremely high, making him more than capable in any situation.

He has an Extra Move--which counters Ranged Attacks-- drawing Main Ability what also increases the Enemy Strike Card Cost by 15--a great Ability for the highly Strike Focused PVP Meta--and his Special Move Restores his Vanish Gauge.

To add to his Tanking repertoire, SP Super Janemba PUR nullifies to Attribute Downgrades for the first 10 counts of entering the field, and his Damage increases for every Enemy he defeats.


Tricky Moves

Despite the value and effectiveness of SP Super Janemba PUR’s Special and Extra Moves, they are a little tricky to pull off and thus require a lot of skill. His Special Move is midrange, so while it cannot be dodged, it often requires wasting a move to get a little closer to the Enemy.

His Extra Move is even harder, circumstantial, and basically acts as Vanish Step does. It involves keeping a careful eye on the enemy to predict when they are going to throw a Ranged Attack since this Move is useless against Strike Attacks. This isn’t impossible, but it takes a lot of skill and opens SP Super Janemba PUR up for attack if it is wasted.

Team Synergy


The Regeneration Tag has gained a lot of traction in recent updates, especially in terms of Z-Abilities and this Fighter is no different with a secondary stat Buff unlockable at levels three and four.

Sagas Warrior

Fans of SP LSSJ Broly BLU were likely equally stoked about what SP Super Janemba PUR and SP Super Gogeta RED meant for the revival of the Sagas Warriors Tag and in turn. While the former fell to the wayside from power creep, Sagas Warriors are still a prominent part of the Meta. SP Super Janemba PUR doesn't usually make it to the core of this Team, but he's still a viable option. 

Equippable Items

Main Ability

Spatial Control

Draw a Special Arts Card next. +15 cost to Strike Arts cost to all enemies for 10 timer counts. Requirements: 10 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Nullify: Attribute Downgrade

Nullifies own Attribute Downgrades for 10 timer counts every time this character enters the battlefield.

Boost: Inflicted Dmg UP

+20% to damage inflicted for each downed opponent when this character enters the battlefield.

Z Ability

+17% to Tag: Regeneration base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+20% to Tag: Regeneration base Strike Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+22% to Tag: Regeneration base Strike & Blast Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected
+25% to Tag: Regeneration base Strike & Blast Defense during battle. Character(s) Affected


Lightning Shower Rain Can Teach

Deals major Explode damage. Restores Vanishing Gauge by 50% on hit.

Cost 50


Dimension Guard

Counter will activate upon enemy's tap shot or Blast Arts attack while in fighting pose. Once the counter is activated, +20% to own Strike damage inflicted for 20 timer counts.

Cost 10



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 598%
Health 21320 44152 77956 120312 173736 242504
Strike Attack 1786 3695 6530 10084 14568 20344
Blast Attack 1786 3695 6530 10084 14568 20344
Strike Defense 1489 3080 5443 8404 12138 16952
Blast Defense 1489 3080 5443 8404 12138 16952
Critical 174 382 696 1044 1428 1588
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2
Equipment Slots 1 2 2 2 3 3

Recommended Soul Boosts