SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Purple)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,089,079
Strike ATK 246,672
Blast ATK 243,000
Strike DEF 130,851
Blast DEF 125,721
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


Similar to SP Goku Black YEL and SP Majin Vegeta RED, this Fighter only gets stronger as time goes by.

With so much in his toolkit going towards Strike Attack in addition to an Anti-Regeneration Unique Ability, this is a must-have Fighter for any Saiyan Build.

What he lacks in Vanish Recovery and Ki Recovery Speed, SP SSJ3 Goku PUR makes up for in reduced Strike Arts Card cost and raw power.


Cover Counter

Cover Abilities like that reduce Damage received have been quite the staple in PVP, so a Fighter like this who will only deal more Damage every time he enters the Battle makes Fighters like SP SSJ Goku GRN less effective because there’s no guarantee they will survive switching in to protect a Teammate.


SP SSJ3 Goku PUR has incredibly powerful Damage Buffs like his primary Unique Ability that only gets stronger over time and Special and Extra Moves that also increase Strike Damage inflicted or received.

If this didn’t confirm his status as an unstoppable powerhouse, SP SSJ3 Goku PUR also has some of the best Strike and Blast Attack stats upon release, making him versatile in any Arts Card deck Build.


Average Ki and Vanish-Step Recovery

While his primary Unique Ability does Buff Ki Recovery Speed after 30 timer counts, that base stat is fairly average.

There’s is nothing to improve his Vanish-Step Recovery, which has become one of the more important stats since the Side-Step update.

Little Things

While this Fighter is a beast even without this things, he lacks a few aspects that have become extremely common for SP Fighters and new Fighters in general. This means he may not last long enough for his primary Unique Ability to Boost him to his full potential, especially if Enemies prioritize killing him first.

His Main Ability only draws Ultimate Arts Card and doesn’t provide any other additional Buffs, even a 10% Strike Damage Buff. It also takes 25 timer counts to charge, which is just slightly longer than average. Beyond this, SP SSJ3 Goku PUR’s Defense stats are average for SP Rarities.

Equippable Items

Recommended Equipment

This Should Be Fun!

Type Gold
Equip Condition Android #17 , Saiyan
Sale Price 30000

Slot 1

Base Blast Attack Up 6% - 15%

Slot 2

Base Health Up 5% - 12.5%

Slot 3

Damage Up 6% - 15%

You'll Pay!

Type Gold
Equip Condition Saiyan
Sale Price 30000

Slot 1

Base Strike Attack Up 8% - 20%

Slot 2

Base Critical Up 5% - 12.5%

Slot 3

Base Ki Restore Speed Up 4% - 10%

I'm Gettin' Excited!

Type Silver
Equip Condition Son Family , Super Warrior
Sale Price 10000

Slot 1

Base Strike Defense Up 6% - 15%

Slot 2

Base Blast Attack Up 5% - 12.5%

Slot 3

Base Ki Restore Speed Up 4% - 10%

Team Synergy


This Tag lacks many strong Purple Fighters, so it’s really good to have him in this Build for the color variance. He also buffs two different stats at Z-Ability levels 3 and 4, has Anti-Regeneration Ability Buffs, and--as a Melee Fighter--fits right in with the Meta.

Otherworld Warrior

There are a few really powerful Fighters in this Tag, but no Z-Synergy.  Hypothetically, SP SSJ3 Goku PUR would round out a fairly strong Team if matched up with SP Super Gogeta RED and SP Paikuhan YEL.

The bench could also be filled with Saiyan Z-Buffs. SP Paikuhan YEL wouldn’t need Buffs since SP Super Gogeta RED directly benefits from him dying. Otherwise, this team is Anti-Frieza Force and Anti-Regeneration, both of which will be relevant in future updates.

Main Ability

Let's Get This Going

Draw the Ultimate Arts Card "Neo Super Dragon Fist" next. Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Not Used to the Change Yet

+20% to damage inflicted for 10 timer counts every time this character enters the battlefield.

The following effects also occur depending on the number of timer counts elapsed since the start of the battle:

15 counts elapsed: +20% to damage inflicted.

30 counts elapsed: +30% to own Ki Recovery.

40 counts elapsed: +30% to Strike damage inflicted.

Anti-Regeneration: Strike Atk UP

+40% to Strike damage inflicted against "Tag: Regeneration".

Character(s) Affected

Z Ability


+19% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Blast Defense during battle.


+21% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Blast Defense during battle.


+22% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Strike Attack and Blast Defense during battle.


+23% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Strike Attack and Blast Defense during battle.

Character(s) Affected


Super Kamehameha

Deals major Impact damage. Inflicts Attribute Downgrade "+20% to Strike Damage Received" to enemy for 15 timer counts on hit.

Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Attack

+25% to Strike damage inflicted and -5 to own Strike Arts cost for 15 timer counts.

Cost 15

Ultimate Special

Neo Super Dragon Fist

Deals massive Impact damage. 25% chance to inflict Faint on hit.

Cost 20



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 398%
Health 21428 44376 78350 120922
Strike Attack 1821 3776 6672 10300
Blast Attack 1761 3649 6442 9943
Strike Defense 1496 3098 5472 8447
Blast Defense 1454 3010 5313 8200
Critical 148 326 594 892
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2
Ultimate Art Level 1 1 2 2

Recommended Soul Boosts