SP Super Saiyan Goku (Green)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,193,545
Strike ATK 165,322
Blast ATK 203,211
Strike DEF 129,342
Blast DEF 126,774
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held
IT Goku,


With Abilities that easily adapt to every shift in the Meta, it’s no surprise that SP SSJ Goku GRN has remained formidable for so long. Even if his Z-Ability shows his age, this Fighter’s stats are still some of the best in the game.

What he lacks in exceptional Equip options and optimal Team variety, he makes up for with pretty much everything else he brings to the table.

Lastly, while his own self-sufficient Buffs are incredibly valuable on their own, this Fighter’s Abilities are what really make him one to build a Team around through his control of the Combat Loop.


Supportive and Self-Sufficient

It’s strange to see a Support Fighter with three stats that stand out so strongly, but this makes SP SSJ Goku GRN an interesting mix between Support and Offense.

Everything he does is about supporting Strike Teams and dealing massive Damage while he’s at it. His incredibly high Ki Recovery Speed and Blast Attack stats in addition to the Extra Move to Boost both make him self-sufficient, while his Z and Unique Abilities are great for building a Color Counter Team around.

But the biggest support he gives to the Team is his control over the Combat Loop.

Controls the Combat Loop

His Cover Unique Ability allows SP SSJ Goku GRN to safely swap in for a Teammate in trouble and ignore the Damage he would otherwise take. Keeping him in combat long enough to Combo his Main Ability and Special Move will also let this Fighter use Cover to save a Teammate again later. This is especially helpful for Melee Teams with Gohan variants because they get a Buff to Strike Damage anytime they’re switched in.

The possibility that a Fighter can be switched in and either absorb all Damage received or jump right into Buffed Melee Combos is a great way to keep Enemy Teams on their toes.


Conflicting Synergy Priorities

While the Gohan variant Assist Unique Ability is extremely helpful, it also limits the number of viable Team Builds available, especially when building a Color Counter Team. This also conflicts with his Z-Ability, which is already limiting within the current PVP Meta.

Equippable Items

Recommended Equipment

"This Should Be Fun"

Base Blast Attack Up 6% - 15%
Base Health Up 5% - 12.5%
Damage Up 6% - 15%

"No, You’re Gonna Die!" 

Base Blast Defense Up 5% - 13%
Base Blast Attack Up 5% - 13%
Special Arts Damage Up 2.5% - 10%

"I’m Gettin’ Excited!"

Base Strike Defense Up 6% - 15%
Base Blast Attack Up 5% - 12.5%
Base Ki Restore Speed Up 4% - 10%

Team Synergy


While it’s a bit of a given, this Team Build is geared towards mixing Melee and Ranged Fighters and SP SSJ Goku GRN is here to make that combination even more effective through Buffs that improve Strike and Blast Attacks and control over the Combat Loop to negate potential countering from the Enemy.

Color Counter: GGY

A Green - Green - Yellow Build doesn’t necessarily limit this Fighter to Saiyan Teammates, which opens him up to so many options. This Team is also compatible with his secondary Unique Ability. The downside to this is a certain level of predictability to the line-up by essentially requiring SP Kid Gohan YEL to be part of it.

Main Ability

The Hopes of All

+1 to amount Cover: Rescue can be used.
Draw Special Move Arts Card next.
+30% to own Blast damage for 15 timer counts. Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Cover: Rescue

Absorbs damage received when changing cover for the first time. +5 to own substitution count when activated.

Assist (Gohan): Strike Atk UP

+20% to Strike damage of allied Character: Gohan for 10 timer counts when characters are switched.

Character(s) Affected

Z Ability


+19% to Element: GRN base Strike & Blast Attack during battle.


+22% to Element: GRN base Strike & Blast Attack during battle.


+24% to Element: GRN base Strike & Blast Attack during battle.


+25% to Element: GRN base Strike & Blast Attack during battle.

Character(s) Affected


Instant Transmission Kamehameha

Deals major Impact damage. Counter will activate upon enemy attack while in fighting pose. Once the counter is activated, your Vanishing Gauge will be reduced to zero. 20% chance to inflict Faint on hit.

Cost 50


Unlock Ki: Form of Attack

+20% to own Blast damage for 15 timer counts.
+20% to own Ki Recovery for 20 timer counts.

Cost 15



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 398%
Health 21216 43936 77568 119716
Strike Attack 1807 3741 6605 10194
Blast Attack 1796 3719 6570 10145
Strike Defense 1496 3098 5472 8447
Blast Defense 1454 3010 5313 8200
Critical 138 304 554 832
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2

Recommended Soul Boosts

Prioritize Blast Attack and Health. After this, it's recommended to unlock Blast Defense.