Drop Rates
Equipment List
Equip C. Conditions that need to be met in order to equip an item.
Equipment Sale Type Equip C.

Outta the Way!
500 Iron None

Let's Hold 'Em Back!
2000 Bronze None

Leave This To Me
2000 Bronze Super Warrior

There's Nothing to Say.
10000 Silver Saiyan

No, You're Gonna Die!
10000 Silver Green

Farewell Tien
10000 Silver Chiaotzu

10000 Silver Red

Stay Alive, Gohan
10000 Silver Piccolo

Ginyu Force!
10000 Silver Ginyu Force

This should be an exciting fight.
10000 Silver Captain Ginyu

Blue Hurricane!
10000 Silver Burter

Red Magma!
10000 Silver Jeice

I'll take your life now!
10000 Silver Recoome

Lame... I get the scraps.
10000 Silver Guldo

The real battle begins now.
2000 Bronze Yellow

Release your Ki!
10000 Silver HERO

10000 Silver Broly

Do it... Defeat...Frieza...
2000 Bronze Purple

Pay in Full for This, Insects!
10000 Silver Frieza Force

Fury of the Namekians!
10000 Silver Red

Know What That Means?
10000 Silver Yellow

10000 Silver Frieza

Beyond the Horrors of Hell
10000 Silver Frieza

I Think We Can Do It!
10000 Silver Purple

10000 Silver Goku

Please, Lend Me Your Energy!
30000 Gold Goku

Thought I'd Let You Get Away?
30000 Gold Frieza

Angry Super Saiyan!
30000 Gold Super Saiyan

This Will Be A MASSACRE!
800 Gold Shallot

Leave my dad...ALONE!
10000 Gold Hybrid Saiyan

10000 Gold Purple

This Ki. It's gotta be...
800 Gold Hybrid Saiyan

*pant* *pant*
2000 Bronze None

Take this!
10000 Silver Vegeta

...It seems we miscalculated.
10000 Silver Android

30000 Gold Android

20... Please, Allow Me
500 Gold Android