Gotenks Confirmed! Majin Buu Saga is Coming to Dragon Ball Legends!

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Gotenks Confirmed! Majin Buu Saga is Coming to Dragon Ball Legends!


In the week leading up what looks to be Dragon Ball Legends’ biggest update yet, DBL is already going hard with promotional stunts, social media prizes, and leaked teasers. But almost nothing is being said in the actual game app except, “Go follows us on Facebook and Twitter!"

Based on some images provided by DragonBallSuper-france, the GamePress team has some theories and confirmations we’d like to share--SPOILERS AHEAD!

dragon ball super france
Source: DragonBallSuper-france

SP Super Saiyan Gotenks

SP super saiyan gotenks

Best friends forever until death do they un-fuse, Gotenks is here and he’s everything we hoped he would be. This monster of a mash-up between Goten and Trunks is a Strike and Blast Damage powerhouse with an exceptionally high Health stat to boot.

His Galactic Donut Special Move deals major Damage and Stuns the Enemy Fighter.

galaxy force ring

Gotenks also gets an Ultimate Move called Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, which cannot be dodged because it's coming at the Enemy from all sides!

More than likely he will be a Super Saiyan Hybrid Saiyan to match up with his officially recommended Teammates:

gotenks recommended teammates

The Gotenks section also mentions a Unique Ability of some sort which appears to require certain conditions to activate. The two big theories around GamePress headquarters are that:

  1. this Unique activates after a certain number of timer counts have passed (which would be similar but opposite of SP SSJ Kid Goten GRN and SP SSJ Kid Trunks YEL’s shared theme of having Uniques that only work for the first 30 timer counts of a Match.

  2. The Unique Ability only activates after another Ability or Move is used--and we know from his promotional teaser image that Gotenks DOES have a Fusion based Ability or Move.

Either way, this is an Offense Fighter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

SP Dabura

dabura promotional art

Dabura appears to be a Ranged Fighter with excellent Ki Recovery Speed!

He has a Special Move called “Evil Impulse”. Very little information was given about this Move, but Dabura’s wiki page indicates it will be a standard major Damage inflicting Special Move.

dabura special move

Based on two snippets from his promotional section, this Fighter will have a Unique Ability called “Petrification” that affects the Enemy Player’s Arts Card hand by randomly rendering Cards unusable when Dabura enters the battlefield! It’s unclear if these Cards are “blocked” for a short time or if this effect is persistent until Dabura is switched back out, but either way, this Fighter looks like an absolute beast!

SP Majin Buu

majin buu

This Fighter is Defensive, based on his stats, and the promotional teaser image mentions an Extra Move that reduces Damage received and a Main Ability that Recovers the whole Team’s and Health!

His Special Move is called “Flame Shower Breath”. GamePress speculation is that this Move will be undodgeable at close range, similar to SP Krillin BLU’s Diffusion Blast.

flame shower breath