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Gohan VS Cell: Fighter Who's the Better Future Yellow?
Meta Shift: Legends Rising Vol. 1-6
Meta Shift: Legends Step-Up Vol. 2
Meta Shift: USTS #10 and Legends Banners
Meta Shift: Collab Summon Part 2
Meta Shift: Rising Girls
Meta Shift: USTS #9
Meta Shift: Summons and PVP
Meta Shift: Broly
Meta Shift: Legends Summons
Meta Shift: Fighter Balances and Legends Road
Meta Shift: Black Friday
Meta Shift: "Legends Androids" Summons Event

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Top Son Family Team
Top Lineage of Evil Team
Top Super Saiyan Team
Top Future Team
Top Green Color Counter Team
Top Yellow Color-Counter Team
Top Purple Color Counter Team
Top Red Color-Counter Team
Top Color Counter Teams
Top Female Warrior Team
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Top Sagas Warrior Team
Top Tag Teams
Top Frieza Force Team
Top Android Team
Top Hybrid Saiyan Team
Top Regeneration Team
Top Saiyan Team


Event Guide template
Q&A Upgrade to Forum!
SP Fighter Balances
Kale VS Gogeta: The Battle for Holy Trinity Placement
Bardock's Special Damage Calculation
Android #17 Story Event Equipment Meta
PvP Team Building Guide
Shallot Goes Super Saiyan!
Best Special Moves For Shallot
Shallot Teaser Analysis and Update Speculation
Gotenks Confirmed! Majin Buu Saga is Coming to Dragon Ball Legends!
The Invincible Android #18 Event Guide
Ultra Space Time Summon #5 Update Guide
Fierce Battle! Vegeta the Prince of Fate Event Guide
Story EXP Update: Best Level Up Locations
Training Items XP & Drop Locations
Summon Animation Odds for Dragon Ball Legends
Dragonball Legends Beginners Guide
How Damage Works in Dragon Ball Legends
Combat Formulas and Rising Rush Damage Guide
Stats Formulas in Dragonball Legends

Equipment Guide

EX Sagas Warrior Equipment Guide
SP Sagas Warrior Equipment Guide
SP Female Warrior Equipment Guide
EX Female Warrior Equipment Guide
SP Saiyan Equipment Guide
EX Regeneration Equipment Guide
EX Hybrid Saiyan Equipment Guide
EX Android Equipment Guide
EX Saiyan Equipment Guide
EX Frieza Force Equipment Guide
SP Frieza Force Equipment Guide
Equipment Guide
SP Hybrid Saiyan Equipment Guide
SP Regeneration Equipment Guide
SP Android Equipment Guide


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