Kale VS Gogeta: The Battle for Holy Trinity Placement

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Holy Trinity has been the top PVP Team for quite some time, and while SP SSJ Bardock BLU and SP SSJ Broly PUR are absolute must-haves, there has always been one expendable Fighter, and that’s SP Super Gogeta RED.

SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED has arrived and many have suggested she should replace SP Super Gogeta RED on the Team. Here’s a multitude of reasons why I think SP Super Gogeta RED is still the obvious choice.

HP 2,364,829
Strike ATK 211,049
Blast ATK 227,426
Strike DEF 159,638
Blast DEF 156,513
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,334,946
Strike ATK 238,911
Blast ATK 224,833
Strike DEF 137,839
Blast DEF 140,598
Ki Restore Speed

Better Deck

SP Super Gogeta RED comes with two Strike Arts Cards, whereas SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED’s held Arts Cards are mixed. This is significant for a number of reasons:

For starters, Strike Cards have always made performing Combos much easier due to the cost. If you change the deck to a 6/6 deck, you not only make SP SSJ Bardock BLU significantly worse since his main focus is Melee Damage, but SP SSJ Broly PUR is hurt as a result too.

SP SSJ Broly PUR is listed as a “Ranged Fighter” but after transformation, his Strike and Blast Attack stats are almost dead-even. The fact that Strike Cards are cheaper coupled with SP SSJ Broly PUR’s Blast Armor--which also increases his Damage if his Clash of Powers Unique Ability is properly utilized--means he’s would much better with a 7/5 deck than a 6/6 deck.

It’s A Hyper Offense Team, and Kale is a Tank

While Holy Trinity is not bad durability wise and has access to Heals, they thrive on SP SSJ Bardock BLU passing his Buffs to other Super Saiyans, namely the Critical Damage and increased Critical Rate.

SP Super Gogeta RED simply does more Damage than SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED right out the gate, which is preferable for how the Team functions. SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED does have a nifty Main Ability which can continuously Debuff the Enemy, but SP Super Gogeta RED already tops her Offensively before she can get that ball rolling.

Buffed by Broly

A seemingly forgotten aspect of SP SSJ Broly PUR is that he Buffs Sagas Warrior Blast Attack, which is upgraded at 5 stars to include Strike Attack. Seeing as SP Super Gogeta RED is part of this Tag, this just widens the gap between him and SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED Offensively.

Game-Changing Moves

While you could argue that her Main Ability is better overall, SP Super Gogeta RED’s Main Ability not only Heals him but gives draws his Ultimate Move Arts Card which does “massive” amounts Damage.

This once again accentuates just how much better he is on the Offensive side of things. His Ultimate Move also Restores Ki by 50 when used, allowing the Team to keep the tempo going.

There’s an even bigger discrepancy when comparing their Special Moves. SP Super Gogeta RED’s Special Move--much like his Ultimate Move--does “massive” Damage but also has a 20% chance to inflict Faint as well. SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED simply can’t compete here.


Most Players are absolutely hellbent on killing SP SSJ Bardock BLU or SP SSJ Broly PUR first as they are the high-priority targets.

This, in turn, makes SP Super Gogeta RED even more oppressive Offensively as he gets +20% Damage inflicted for each dead Teammate. SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED simply doesn’t have access to something like this.


All that being said, she’s still a great choice to put into the Team if you don’t have SP Super Gogeta RED or you just prefer a more Defensive Fighter with a nifty Cover Ability. But the optimal Holy Trinity has not changed in months and at this rate, it’s not likely to change anytime soon.

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