New Fighters

HP 2,233,566
Strike ATK 233,251
Blast ATK 207,968
Strike DEF 139,316
Blast DEF 136,571
Ki Restore Speed

SP Fury Broly RED serves as a Melee Fighter with a great deal of versatility when it comes to Team Synergy due to his various Tags.

This is a Fighter that progressively gets better as the Match goes on, as he deals more Damage for every Strike Arts Card used. This is this is great since all the Teams he fits well into have a wide variety of Strike-based Fighters.

His Main Ability is a powerful tempo play--it not only Heals him for 20%, but draws his Ultimate Arts Card which has a chance to inflict the most game-changing status effect in the game: Faint.
Because of his Tags, Stats, and dual Strike Arts Cards, there are three main Teams he can fit into: Saiyan, Frieza Force, and Sagas Warriors.

SP Fury Broly RED should have no problem finding a home.

HP 2,436,122
Strike ATK 211,734
Blast ATK 238,608
Strike DEF 138,912
Blast DEF 136,167
Ki Restore Speed

To say SP SSJ Broly PUR has shaken the Meta would be an understatement. No other Fighter has caused such a massive change since the release of SP Bardock GRN and SP Super Gogeta RED.

Even before transforming via his Main Ability to Full Power, SP SSJ Broly PUR is absolutely horrifying to go up against. After transforming, he becomes an outrageously oppressive Fighter, both Offensively and Defensively with a gargantuan Health pool to go along with it.

Even Yellow Fighters tremble in fear, as SP SSJ Broly PUR nullifies color disadvantage for 10 timer counts, activatable twice when switched in. This allows plenty of time to either eat a Combo or unleash a devastating Combo of his own.

Even if this Fighter were to take a Combo, he gains a Damage inflicted Buff depending on how much Damage he has himself has taken.

SP SSJ Broly PUR is truly a one-man army

HP 2,210,938
Strike ATK 190,722
Blast ATK 197,317
Strike DEF 130,062
Blast DEF 127,494
Ki Restore Speed

EX Coora BLU comes in the form of an excellent Support Fighter for Sagas Warrior Teams, most notably assisting them via his Unique Abilities and Extra Move.

Sagas Warriors gain a 20% Damage inflicted Buff when he enters the battlefield and a 30% Ki Recovery Buff when he's switched. Alternatively, his Extra Move increases the Tag’s Damage inflicted by 15%.

It’s important to note this Fighter gets a Z-Ability bonus when he reaches 5 stars, with an additional Buff to Strike Attack being given.

This Fighter should always be used in Sagas from The Movies Teams due to his powerful Support Abilities.

The State of the Tags

Sagas Warriors

This Tag has skyrocketed in value due to the release of SP SSJ Broly PUR, SP Fury Broly RED, and EX Coora BLU.

Not only did they receive a multitude of extremely good Z-Abilities, but recent Buffs to SP Paikuhan YEL and SP Goku PUR have made this Team a force to be reckoned with.

The only thing that holds them back is the lack of a Health Buffing Z-Abilities, but with SP SSJ Gogeta BLU on the horizon, things could change very drastically for this Tag and make them the go-to Team in PVP.


This Tag not only remains the strongest in the game by a mile but has just gotten even better with the addition of SP SSJ Broly PUR. There are two types of Saiyan Teams, Super Saiyan and regular, and both are the top Teams to run in PVP.

Saiyan Teams forego specifically focusing on a Super Saiyan Tag, but they still have top-tier Fighters like SP SSJ3 Goku PUR and SP Majin Vegeta RED. In a Super Saiyan Team, SP SSJ Bardock BLU and SP Super Gogeta RED both form a monstrous trio with SP SSJ Broly PUR. While many would think SP SSJ Broly PUR is the one running the show, SP SSJ Bardock BLU is the pulling the strings because he Buffs everyone to insane levels.

It’s hard to go wrong with either Build, as both will tear anyone else to shreds.

Frieza Force/Lineage of Evil

These Tags are still in good shape, especially since SP FF Frieza YEL can punch a hole through SP SSJ Broly PUR once his color disadvantage nullification wears off.

SP Chilled PUR has increased in value now that Super Saiyans are more common in the high tiers and SP Captain Ginyu GRN remains a great Tank, necessary to deal with SP SSJ Bardock BLU. But must be used with extreme caution: any Damage taken from SP SSJ Broly PUR will seal his fate in seconds.

Lineage of Evil continues to get excellent Equips, such as King Cold and I'll Destroy All of You.

Hybrid Saiyans

This Tag is in dire need of help. They haven’t had a new Fighter released in a while and the once dynamic-duo of SP SSJ Goten GRN and SP SSJ Trunks YEL are now at the mercy of power creep, and color disadvantage against SP Super Gogeta RED and SP SSJ Broly PUR.

SP SSJ2 Gohan PUR can still be a good Damage-dealer if he takes Damage, but relying on that in this Meta can get him into serious trouble very quickly. His once deceptively high Health and Defense stats are now beginning to show their age.

This coupled with a lack of viable Red and Blue SP Fighters puts this Tag in some serious trouble. Ultimate Gohan and Rage Trunks with Hybrid Saiyan Z-Abilities could certainly bring this Tag back to prominence, however.


The release of SP SSJ3 Goku PUR and his Anti-Regeneration Buff has single-handedly weakened this Tag. Without any Health stat Z-Ability Buffs available, they remain at the mercy of more popular PVP Teams.

Everyone with the exception of SP DK Piccolo YEL gets utterly pulverized by SP SSJ3 Goku PUR, and seeing as he is usually paired with someone like SP Super Gogeta RED or SP Majin Vegeta RED, SP DK Piccolo YEL is by no means safe either.

SP PF Cell RED has dropped in value significantly, as a victim of power creep. Even against a Super Saiyan Team, he is still hard to bring along due to SP SSJ Bardock BLU a core Fighter of that particular Team.

SP Good Buu GRN was already unusable with SP SSJ3 Goku PUR in every game, which has now been made worse with the addition of SP SSJ Broly PUR. His Main Ability heal can still be helpful but needs to be used with extreme caution.

Luckily, many other Majin Buu variants are on the way, and anti-Saiyan Unique Abilities could very possibly be something they have access too. It seems at this point that it is needed, as Saiyans are too hard to contest otherwise.


Androids remain stagnant as well. They haven’t had a new SP Fighter since the release of SP Android #18 BLU. While she’s still a great Fighter, Androids are being victimized by power creep.

Most notably, vital Android Z-Abilities are still tied to very outdated Extreme Fighters like EX Android #19 RED, EX Android #20 YEL, and EX 1F Cell YEL. These Fighters were viable in PVP once upon a time, but bringing them nowadays would be a death sentence.

A Super 17 or Android #13 could be just the thing needed to bring them back.