Meta Shift: Legends Rising Vol. 1-6

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Banner Overview

This latest update made all the old Legend Rising Banners available again. While most of the featured Fighters are outdated, some stood up to the test of time and are still relevant nowadays.

A daily discount Summon is also available for every Legend Rising Banner Vol. 1-6.

Legends Rising Vol.1

Legends Rising Vol.1 Simulator

Legends Rising Vol.2

Legends Rising Vol.2 Simulator

Legends Rising Vol.3

Legends Rising Vol.3 Simulator

Legends Rising Vol.4

Legends Rising Vol.4 Simulator

Legends Rising Vol.5

Legends Rising Vol.5 Simulator

Legends Rising Vol.6

Legends Rising Vol.6 Simulator

Relevant Fighters

HP 2,461,386
Strike ATK 211,487
Blast ATK 213,608
Strike DEF 147,025
Blast DEF 149,219
Ki Restore Speed

SP Zamasu RED is one of the best Fighters in the game thanks to his Defensive Abilities and his versatile Tag Synergy. His Anti-Saiyan Damage Boost is not as relevant as it was before due to the lack of Saiyan Fighters in the current Meta, however, he can still inflict decent amounts of Damage thanks to his Extra Move.

The true value of this Fighter comes from his Team-Healing Main Ability and his Immortal Body Unique Ability, which works like Cover by reducing Combo Damage received and effectively giving him a single resurrection. These things make him a perfect Tank.

His Future and Regeneration Tags also make him Synergize with some of the best Teams in the Meta.

HP 2,188,634
Strike ATK 244,399
Blast ATK 225,429
Strike DEF 139,429
Blast DEF 140,833
Ki Restore Speed

While Lineage of Evil is not as popular as it was a month ago, this Fighter still has a high Damage output and offers great Team Support with his Unique Abilities.

In fact, the Lineage of Evil Tag is still one of the best Offensively thanks to SP FF Coora BLU, but the reason it’s not used as much as before is that the lack of durability.

Despite this, SP FF Coora BLU’s kit is still one of the best in the game, and he will probably remain a cornerstone for Lineage of Evil for a long time.

HP 2,334,946
Strike ATK 238,911
Blast ATK 224,833
Strike DEF 137,839
Blast DEF 140,598
Ki Restore Speed

Despite his long lifespan, this Fighter is still great in the current Meta. In fact, he’s a Core Fighter for the Super Saiyan Team, which is still very powerful in the current Meta, although less popular than before.

SP Super Gogeta RED has a lot of things going for him, such as his catastrophic Damage output if Boosted by SP SSJ Bardock BLU, a Special Move that can inflict Faint, and a very good Main Ability that Heals him and draws an Ultimate Move.

It’s also worth noting that while Fusion Warrior isn’t a viable Team at the moment, it will surely be relevant in the future. However, the clock is ticking for SP Super Gogeta RED and it remains to be seen if he’ll still be relevant once this Tag gains some new Fighters

HP 2,256,711
Strike ATK 233,791
Blast ATK 249,241
Strike DEF 138,162
Blast DEF 138,845
Ki Restore Speed

Following the last balance update, SP Turles PUR became very popular thanks to his great Damage output and overpowered Extra Move.

The fact he can continuously use his Extra Move, effectively Healing and gaining great Boosts each time, makes him a great Fighter for Purple color counter Teams.

However none of the Teams he Synergizes with are particularly strong, so his opportunities are a bit limited in the current Meta.

HP 2,448,419
Strike ATK 206,827
Blast ATK 211,008
Strike DEF 150,214
Blast DEF 151,707
Ki Restore Speed

This Fighter was irrelevant for a long time due to how bad the Regeneration Tag has been in the past few months, but it's regained strength thanks to the addition of some new Fighters, and SP Super Janemba PUR can still be useful despite his long lifespan.

While his stats are starting to look average, his Offensive and Defensive tricks still make him a decent Fighter. Specifically, his Extra Move counters Blast Attacks and forces the Enemy closer and vulnerable to a Combo. and his Special Move also counters Vanish-Stepping.

Additionally, the Regeneration Tag doesn’t have other strong Purple Fighters, so he’s still going to be useful for the forseeable future.

Should You Pull?

While some Fighters in these Banners are still great, overall the only one that may be worth pulling on is Legends Rising Vol.6, since the others are mostly filled with outdated SP Fighters.

On the other hand, the Daily Discount is a nice mechanic that should be taken advantage of for Banners that feature Fighters listed in this article.

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I'm a Dragon Ball Legends' writer who also consistently ranks in top 2-3k in the game's PVP. On a side note, Fusion Warrior is starting to drive me insane.