Meta Shift: Legends Step-Up Vol. 2

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The Legends Step-Up Vol.2 comes with three new SP Fighters, one of which is available only in the Ticket Banner, and two new EX Fighters. Just like every other Step-Up Summon, it has some F2P friendly mechanics, such as discount pulls and the Guaranteed SP Tickets at Step 4 and 7.


LEGENDS STEP-UP Vol. 2 Simulator

New Fighters

HP 2,341,700
Strike ATK 234,724
Blast ATK 253,121
Strike DEF 153,311
Blast DEF 151,804
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Ranged Fighter that holds two Blast Cards. As one of the fan-favorites from the manga, the general disappointment was high when the community discovered he was going to be locked behind a Ticket Summon. Unlike SP GOD Beerus GRN, who was a pretty weak Fighter despite being given the same treatment in the previous Step-Up, SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED is very strong.

  • His Blast Damage output is very high, mainly thanks to his “Turn Regret into Power” Unique Ability that reduces Blast Card cost by 5. This is very useful since it makes using four Blast Cards in a single Combo possible at full Ki. In addition to this, he gets a very powerful Damage Boost from his “I’ll give it my Best!” Unique Ability, depending on how many Teammates have been defeated.

  • Despite being a Ranged Fighter, his Strike Attack is decent so he won’t suffer if he has to use Strike Cards.

  • He’s also a durable Fighter with decent Defenses and a Cover Ability that reduces Damage received by 40%. His Main Ability heals him by 30% and nullifies Element factors for 20 timer counts if at least one Teammate has been defeated. Overall, SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED’s strengths make him a powerhouse.

  • His Ultimate Move Damage output is mind-blowing if a Goku variant Teammate has been defeated.

  • Holding two Blast Cards can be bothersome in some Team Builds, but SP SSJ2 Gohan RED’s fantastic kit makes him a perfect fit for both Hybrid Saiyan and Son Family Teams. While his Ultimate Move only reaches full potential with a Goku variant on the Team, it doesn’t limit him because he’s a very powerful Fighter in any Build.

HP 2,301,104
Strike ATK 248,248
Blast ATK 226,826
Strike DEF 145,114
Blast DEF 146,552
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Melee Fighter with mixed Cards held. This Fighter’s kit makes him both a powerful Offensive force and a situationally great Defensive trump-card. Thanks to his many Tags, he Synergizes with several strong Meta Teams.

  • His Damage gets Boosted by 45% for 15 timer counts by his “You Look Surprised…” Unique Ability every time he gets switched in, making this Fighter a serious force to be reckoned with. He also gets an Ultimate Move from his Main Ability, which is always a strong move for powerful Fighters such as this one.

  • Defensively, SP Perfect Cell YEL has a great Cover Unique Ability that nullifies Damage received once, making it the perfect bait for strong attacks. He also Heals gradually for 60 timer counts every time he gets switched in. While this may seem insignificant, it amounts to a decent Heal over time.

  • His Extra Move is long-ranged, so it can be used to counter Enemy Moves. It Boosts his Strike Damage by 25% and increases Enemy Strike cost by 20 on hit for 10 timer counts. The latter is very useful Effect, considering how much the current Meta is populated by Melee Fighters.

  • His best Team Builds are Future and Regeneration, with Android being a possibility although it still needs a few more Fighters before it can be considered Meta relevant. SP Perfect Cell YEL has very few weaknesses and his powerful Offense makes him a great addition for every Team Build he Synergizes with.

HP 2,359,396
Strike ATK 237,542
Blast ATK 214,022
Strike DEF 143,676
Blast DEF 142,274
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Melee Fighter that holds two Strike Cards. Despite not being as hyped as the other two new SP Fighters, SP Lord Slug BLU has a powerful Offensive Kit that makes him a valuable addition to the Regeneration Tag

  • His Unique Abilities’ Strike Damage Boost ranges from 30% to 75%, depending on how much Health he has and the number of timer counts elapsed. Overall, his Damage output is consistently great, and it can reach enormous heights with the activation of his Main Ability that Boosts his Strike Damage by a further 40% for 20 timer counts.

  • His Extra Move can be used to cancel Enemy Attacks at long-range creates a good opportunity to start a Combo of his own. Additionally, it inflicts a small Strike Damage received Debuff on hit and grants a chance to steal one of the Enemy’s Dragon Balls.

  • Since he holds two Strike Cards, he synergizes greatly with the new SP Perfect Cell YEL and SP Zamasu RED.

HP 2,190,156
Strike ATK 242,188
Blast ATK 197,514
Strike DEF 145,020
Blast DEF 146,444
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Melee Fighter that holds two Strike Cards. Other than being a strong Offensive Fighter, EX Teen Trunks PUR is a solid addition for the Future Tag especially because he’s Purple, a color that Future was severely lacking.

  • While he’s not that powerful from the get-go, this Fighter gets a massive 40% Strike Damage Boost after just 25 timer counts. Considering that he also gets an Anti-Regeneration Strike Damage Boost, this Fighter is a perfect counter against that recently revitalized Tag.

  • His Blast Attack is very low, so he doesn't do well with a deck with too many Blast Cards as it lowers his Damage output considerably.

  • His Main Ability destroys all of his and the Enemy’s hand while increasing his own Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 for 15 timer counts and lowering the Enemy’s by 1 for 25 timer counts. This is the perfect move to use after ending a Combo to make sure only the Enemy’s hand gets destroyed.

  • He’s a decent Fighter for the Future Tag, especially against Regeneration Fighters. He has a great Z-Ability that Boosts Strike Damage, so he can at least warm the bench and be pulled to the core when needed.

Effects on the Meta

The new Fighters will deeply affect the core of some already strong Meta Teams.

SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED Synergizes greatly with both Son Family and Hybrid Saiyan thanks to his dual Tag Z-Ability. While his Ultimate Move is only at its best if a Goku variant is on the Team, Hybrid Saiyans are starting to look viable again thanks to him and SP Ultimate Gohan GRN. The Tag still has some durability problems, but SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED is a step in the right direction.

Son Family is now a highly populated Tag. Pairing SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED with a Goku variant is a given and other than that, many strong Hybrid Saiyans are viable for this Build too. However, just like Hybrid Saiyan Builds, this one still lacks some durability due to the absence of a clear Support Fighter, since SP Pan BLU is more Offensive Fighter and only Z-Buffs Son Family after 5 stars.

Regeneration already had a very strong core, but SP Perfect Cell YEL and SP Lord Slug BLU might end up replacing EX Evil Buu BLU and SP Piccolo GRN. Other than being better overall, the two new Fighters provide a higher number of Strike Cards and are both Strike-centric so they make SP Zamasu RED stronger too. While the absence of SP Piccolo GRN makes the Team considerably less durable, the Offensive gains are high enough to justify that loss.

The Future Tag doesn’t become stronger, necessarily, but it gains further variety thanks to the addition of SP Perfect Cell YEL and EX Teen Trunks PUR.

Should You Pull?

This Step-Up Banner, other than the common discounts and guaranteed SP Tickets, brings some very relevant Fighters. This type of Banner has always been the best one to pull on, and Legends Step-Up Vol. 2 is no exception, as its a great deal for F2P Players.

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