Mono Teams Tier List

Mono Teams Tier List
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Tier 1

Blue Team Overview

  • The strongest elemental team currently in the game. Focused on Strike damage, Broly is what carries the entire team, thanks to his high damage output and his abilities that allow him to take control over the opponent's switches.
  • SP Genkidama Goku is a wild card and plays differently from the rest of the team, due to being focused on Blast damage rather than Strike damage. However thanks to Z-Abilities this is easily fixed and he's strong enough to make it as main battle unit
  • Despite being an EX, Base Goku's Strike attack stat is amazing and so he fits well in the team. Also, thanks to his abilities, he can be a nice revenge killer. Also, he balances the Art Cards count by holding two of the Strike type.
  • Frieza and Frost both have excellent Z Abilities that boost the team's Strike attack potency, something this team wants to focus on.
  • Vegeta and Frost support SP Goku and help the team getting respectable damage when using Ki-based attacks.

Yellow Team Overview

  • Frieza's utility in this team it's at his peak. Not only he's strong and has an high damage output due to his stats and abilities, he also deals increased damage against all Saiyans, making him an "anti-meta" unit.
  • Gohan is another huge Strike-centered character. Here, it's potential is fully unleashed thanks to the fact that this team can manage to play EX Piccolo as main unit.
  • Despite his low damage output, EX Piccolo offers too many utility to be left out from the battle. He's capable of healing the team by huge chunks of health and also holds two strike art cards, balancing Gohan's two blast cards and allowing the team to unleash his Strike potential
  • Pikkon and Saibaman are in the bench in order to increase the whole team's health and maximize Piccolo's regeneration, and Trunks offers a double boost in blast offense and defense
  • Pikkon at one point was considered as main battle unit, he would probably perform decently, but the current line-up has no place for him and would ruin the current synergy, Yellow just has too many good units.
Tier 2

Red Team Overview

  • Super Saiyan Vegeta will usually open the battle thanks to his Unique Ability, that allows the team to deal increased damage for the first 20 seconds of the battle. Also, his Main Ability is useful for literally everyone in the team.
  • We all know Super Saiyan Goku and how good he is, dealing respectable damage both in Strike and Blast attacks, and possessing some of the best equips in the game. A well rounded unit that will carry this Super Saiyan squad most of the time.
  • Super Saiyan Trunks is a good unit, he has the always useful Cover Ability and can draw his own Ultimate Card. He's not the shining star of this team, but it's still a nice character and will play his role decently, especially as defense / bulky unit.
  • RED suffers from not having too much support from bench units, so the choice here is pretty limited. Jaco will try to boost the chance of inflicting critical attacks, while Piccolo and Krillin will boost everyone defensively.
Tier 3

Green Team Overview

  • Piccolo is without a doubt a great unit, but in this team, he's basically carrying the whole team by himself. His regen is still an amazing utility for everyone and just like Frieza he possessed a unique that increases damage against all Saiyans.
  • Ginew is an overall decent unit and has an high HP stat, making full use of Piccolo's regen abilities, but that's about it. He hardly synergises with the rest of the team and his attack output is mediocre, so he's not reliable as the Namekian.
  • EX Vegeta has an incredible Blast stat, but all of his other stats are rather poor. Despite this, he at least brings some decent damage output in the team, and can still somehow rely on Piccolo's regen
  • The bench units are good, Green can rely on Jaco, Yamcha and Zarbon, 3 characters that all boost the attack potency of the battle characters, something that this team needs due to being naturally defensive-focused.
Tier 4
No teams qualify for Tier 4
Tier 5

Purple Team Overview

  • I'll get to the point, Vegeta is the ONLY decent card Purple has to offer. Really, REALLY high blast power with poor defense: If for some reason you'll ever want to play a Purple team, Vegeta will do most of the work.
  • 3rd Form Frieza is there to synergize with SP Vegeta, and pretty much no other reason. The character is famous from having poor stats, so he'll probably perform poorly in battle.
  • Krillin is there because there was literally nothing else to put as 3rd battle character. He has been picked because he can heal himself and can somehow try to survive, but seriously, the character is mediocre and Purple is lacking a lot of good characters
  • Purple is lacking even with bench units, even worse than RED. In fact, Mercenary Tao and Saibamen are the only two other units that can boost PURPLE cards, and as a third choice, you're basically forced to pick a character from another element that can support SP Vegeta.