Mono Teams Tier List

Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow Team Tier List for Dragon Ball Legends.
Mono Teams Tier List
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Because they can be easily counter-picked, Single Color Teams are not viable in PVP. The main application for Mono teams is found in Single Player Events and Story mode.

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Tier 1

Yellow Team Overview

In a sudden burst of revoluton and new units, Yellow has been reformed and is based around a new, way more violent strategy than before, abandoning that "anti-meta" touch he possessed before.

The team is now offense-oriented and replaces the SP YEL Gohan - EX YEL Piccolo in favour of more aggresive, poweful saiyans.

  • Focused on Blast damage, Super Vegeta is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to his insane damage output that can smash any kind of PVE content.
  • Heart Virus Goku is THE glass cannon of the current meta. You have to be careful due to his health loss, but he can easily perform long string of combos and finish some problematic opponents
  • Final Form Frieza is what's left of the previous incarnation of the team. He has ben preferred to SP YEL Android 18 mainly because his Z-Ability actually matters in this team.
  • Pikkon and Saibaman are in the bench in order to increase the whole team's health. So far, health upgrades have proven to be the most consistent and efficient Z Abilities.
  • EX Trunks fits well due to the boost to the Blast Attack, powering up even further the prince of Saiyans.

Green Team Overview

Rising from the ashes, Green saw a new life thanks to the recent powerful additions and going from bottom to top in what it looked like an instant.

Forget the old and boring team that relied on weak SPs such as Ginyu and Coora, this new version of the team is way more aggressive.

  • Bardock is an awesome character with a huge quantity of HPs and a good strike attack potency. Sadly, its "prevent switch" ability loses some value in PVE (due to hardest events being monochromatic just like these teams, at least most of the times) but remains an hard to kill unit neverthless.
  • Piccolo's regen is still an amazing ability for everyone in the team and possesses the cover ability, granting great protection to the entire team.
  • Super Trunks is a strike hitter that this game has never seen before. By using his Z-Ability, he can dish non sensical quantities of damage, and thanks to defense utility this team has, his drawbacks are somewhat manageable.
  • Turles has a "double" Z-Ability that boost both Defense values for everyone, making this team even more bulky.
  • 1st Form Frieza applies an health boost, useful especially considering Piccolo's regen abilities.
  • Chiaotzu has been chosen because... There was nothing better. Some new bench characters for this team would be appreciated.
Tier 2

Blue Team Overview

Blue has fallen from his former top tier spot, but at least it still received some new stuff. First of all, the team left his Saiyan-centric strategy in order to focus on new, better SP units.

What does this team need for the future? Something better than 1st Form Frieza. The character is just nothing special.

  • Focused on Strike damage, Broly is what carries the entire team, thanks to his high damage output and his abilities that allow him to take control over the opponent's switches.
  • Krillin is a defensive addition to the team, that heals everyone by 20% (or even 25%, in case you run SP BLU Goku as replacement) cancels all debuffs and helps Broly by bringing two Strike cards into the equation.
  • 1st form Frieza will try to do his best via Blast attacks. If he happens to launch his Supernova he will deal great amounts of damage.
  • Frieza have an excellent Z Ability that boost the team's Strike & Blast attack potency, making it more rounded in offense
  • Tien prevents some Strike damage,a useful ability considering that so far the meta has been Strike-centric. Also, due to there being some Ki-Blaster in the team, it has been preferred to EX BLU 1st Form Frieza
  • Cabba boosts the team's health. It's the first Health booster for Blue, so it's a nice addition.
Tier 3

Purple Team Overview

The Purple team saw a bunch the new addition of a tank character, which is something the team defintely needed... But that's about it.

The team is starting to become obsolete. It needs something better to perform, something else Blast related capable of doing more damage than both Vegeta and Goku.

  • N.17 is a defensive character that this team defintely needed. Not only he's currently the best tank in the game, but his main way of attacking is Ki Blast attacks, which fits with the team's theme.
  • Vegeta is Purple's main damage dealer. Really, REALLY high blast power with poor defense: This character is basically a glass canon, easy to kill, but when it comes to dealing damage, this unit will do most of the work.
  • Goku, due to being able to restore his own health and draw his special attack, should perform decently in your matches.
  • Turles has been downgraded, from Main Unit to bench. And he'll probably never come back in its original spot.
  • 3rd Form Frieza because of the boost applied to blast attack, helping prince Vegeta on dealing more powerful Ki attacks.
  • HE Goku is a small recent addition that allows to boost this team's Blast attack potency even further.
Tier 4

Red Team Overview

Red is the most ancient team of the game... Seriously, look at it. Not a single addition, not even in the bench, after the Ultra Space Time Summon featuring Vegeta.

I have no idea why team is like that, probably they wanted to push Super Vegeta (which ironically can be played here as a bench unit, but with dubious results) and so they completly killed any sort of competition from Red.

The team is old, needs new characters and additions, the three Super Saiyans strategy is outdated and weak.

  • Super Saiyan Trunks is a good unit, he has the always useful Cover Ability and can draw his own Ultimate Card. He has the role to defend his companions.
  • We all know Super Saiyan Goku and how good he is, dealing respectable damage both in Strike and Blast attacks, and possessing some of the best equips in the game.
  • Super Saiyan Vegeta will usually open the battle thanks to his Unique Ability, that allows the team to deal increased damage for the first 20 seconds of the battle.
  • With Vegeta EX the team has a nice buff in the melee department. This functions well with the three main units we selected.
  • RED suffers from not having too much support from bench units, so the choice here is pretty limited. Piccolo and Krillin will boost everyone defensively.
Tier 5
No teams qualify for Tier 5