New Story: Time for Vengeance! Guide

New Story: Time for Vengence Guide, part two. Prepare to face off against an EX Final Form Frost Blue three times his usual strength.
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Story Overview

in Story Mode Chapter 2 is finally here!

New story lore, a surprisingly challenging match against EX Final Form Frost Blue in 2.5.9.

In terms of rare drops, 2.5.9 Normal is the best spot for farming Blue Rising Souls and Super Soul 3.

Players looking for Purple Souls should farm 2.5.8 Rising Soul 4 and Super Soul 3.

New Story Chapter Drop Rates

Beating Story: 2-5-9 Time for Vengeance! Normal

With over 1.6m HP and sky-high stats, Expect to be bruised by EX FF Frost. This Brutal AI can take down a fully equipped, maxed-level team, even with a Color disadvantage.

AI Profile

  • Unique-class: Careful, Punishing
  • Rising Rush Dodge Rate: 20%
  • Dokakaki Impact: 810~990
HP 1,627,839 Rank: 1/173
Strike ATK 85,585 Rank: 1/173
Blast ATK 80,181 Rank: 1/173
Strike DEF 60,138 Rank: 1/173
Blast DEF 65,974 Rank: 1/173
  • Go Green Team- bringing your best Green fighters available to counter EX FF Frost BLU. 
  • Strike Focus - With slightly weaker Strike Defense, strike-focus team has an advantage here. Equip for base Strike Attack bonuses as well.

  • Green Z-Abilities - Since all your active fighters will be Green, select fighters with Tag: Green Z abilities to maximize their effectiveness. HE Yamcha GRN is a must here for his Strike Attack buff.