A Team Building guide to optimize PVP Team performance.
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The Meta is constantly changing, and because of this, it isn’t always clear what is the best sort of Team to use, but this guide helps with some of the surrounding issues.

In a game like this, there is no such thing as the perfect Team because of how frequently new Fighters and Equips are added. However, Following the Tier Lists and focusing on a few key elements of PVP Team Building will go a long way towards climbing the ranks.

Leveling and Training

training and leveling

Soul Boosting






All SP Fighter pages and some of the EX Fighter pages on this site have Soul Boost Recommendation sections but typically, a good rule of thumb is to focus the Fighter’s strengths, unlock all Arts Card Panels (purple), skip Critical Panels (green), and unlock as many of the secondary Defense and Health Panels as possible after all the high priority panels have been unlocked.

Tag Synergy


+20% (Max) +76% +48% +23% +23%

It isn’t enough to max out a Fighter’s level and base stats. Most Z-Abilities multiply those base stats by a given percentage for Fighter within a specific Tag or Element Group.

For this reason, it's extremely important that as many of the Fighters on a Team as possible have Z-Abilities that benefit the core Fighters and that those Z-Abilities Buff them in the stats that they specifically need Buffing in. This means mixing and matching is often quite tricky, but worth it.

This is one of the reasons why Hybrid Saiyan Teams are so powerful in PVP; the vast majority of them have Hybrid Saiyan Tagged Z-Abilities, making Synergy much stronger and easier to set up.

A Team also shouldn't be limited to SP Fighters. There is a reason why the SP and EX lists are both frequently updated: in the right Team conditions, high tier EX Fighters are often just as valuable to a Team as their SP Teammates.

Color Variance

strengths and weaknesses

Because of the huge advantage Element Groups provide, It’s a good idea to try and have a degree of color variance in a PVP Team. But this is pretty low priority compared to everything else involved in building a Team.

So long as everything else is as leveled, Boosted, and Synergized as it can be, color variance isn’t as big of a factor.