So basically wanted to know in yout opinion guysss what's the besst team I can make for a saiyan team?
You can offer multiple options. Right now I'm using Godku/SSJ Broly/Bardock as a core and it's working really well(sometimes I move bardock into the bench and put black in if I'm going againsst a lot of saiyans/Broly teams).
And also just the best Hybrid Saiyan team in general out of what I have.
But wanted to know other good options.
Just answer away with your best options
Thanks in advance.
Ps.: Forgot to add, apart form the ones in the pic I also have, Blue Frieza, Gotenks, Majin Vegeta, Paiku, Yellow Super Vegeta, Turles, Green Trunks, Hercule.

Asked by Takagi Raiden5 months ago