Any plans on making an equipment tier list? I know we have recommended equipment for each character but I think It'd be really nice to know what equipment I should focus more on farming and what equipment I should sell as the meta evolves.
I like to keep the best 6 of each equipment I'd consider using but with Legends adding new equipment all the time without increasing the amount you can hold (idk why you cant just use crystals like you can character slots with stones on dokkan ) it'd be really nice if there was a list telling players what's outdated and what to focus on so that we wouldn't have to upgrade and sell equipment every few pvp matches.
Also a good idea I think they should implement that would be better than the letter ranking system, would be to average what percentage of the current to max stat each slot has and give us an overall percentage for the equipment even if they kept the a letter ranks if that makes since.
That way you could easily see which A rank equipment you should sell/keep at a glance instead of staring at the same rank equipment trying to figure out which ones to keep.
Mentioned this on reddit but no one took notice, it'd also be nice if you could upgrade a bunch of equipment at once if you do adventures almost 24/7 and upgrade everything since you have waaaay more souls than you need. Gotta search for those S ranks

Asked by ADG5 months ago