Just need a team Man..Getting trouble at PvP cuz Of Bardock and Broly xD
Help Meeeeee

Asked by xBasara5 months ago


So I don't know if I'm the best player to ask, but I think I'm decent at team building.

You have units to make ssome various Saiyan and Saiyan/Ssuper Saiyan teams.

I can throw in some.
You could do a Saiyan/Super Saiyan team with Gogeta and SSJ Blueku as a core, with Yellow SSJ Vegeta on the bench for his Z ability. And then as a last in the core have Black to deal with Broly(though you have to think that Broly has a passsive that makes color advantage useless for a bit).
And fill up the other 2 be.ch spots with units that have saiyns Z-ability that you fill more ocmfortable with(here you can do it in the tools section).

If Bardock is a lot fo problem more than Broly, you could do the same with SSJ3 Goku instead of Black.

Personally I think I would go with something like:
Kaikoen Goku/Gogeta/SSJ3 Goku and throw some bech with boosts(again, your choice depending of playstyle, personally I go with damage boost). And if I'm facing a lot of Broly and really want to you can change one of the bench for Black and use him when you face Broly.

And you could also try insstead to go for the Frieza Force team that they reccomend here with Cooler/Ginyu/ Yellow FFF, and chiller on the bench, or you can swap out Cooler and go with Green Base Vegeta and a full frieza force buff bench. Your choice really.

Hope I helped a bit.

Thanks For Answering me!!😁
Is this Okay? Ive done The bench for damage Boost but honestly...I dont think its okay...😅
I really AM dumb...