Need help for making a Pvp hybrid sayan team!

Hello all!
Recently got SP SS kid trunks (YEL) and SP SS kid goten (GRN) and I wanna make a team including this 2 characters. Im searching recomendations for 3r fighter or any advice for any other change!
Thanks all

Asked by stanex4 weeks 2 days ago


by Mess 1 month ago

Its easy.

All gohan,trunks, pan (human + saiyan kids) have synergy.

The best is, ofc ssj2 kid gohan


Well not sure who u have but use those two, SSJ2 Gohan, Boundary Breaking Trunks, and new Gotenks coming out. If u don't have any, u can also use SP yellow kid gohan. But DO NOT USE PAN. she sucks. If u want, u can also use your trunks and goten and another super Saipan (non hybrid), such as IT Goku, Boundary Breaking Vegeta act