Need a pvp team against purple broly..from my sp characters

Asked by madkk5 months ago


if you want to deal with Brolly you could try to go with Blueku wich is pretty good at dealing with him imo if you play him right.
the other just go with saiyans that you fill comfortable with. I think you could make a team out of any saiyan, but if you want the most ocmpetitive one, then choose between Kaioken Goku, Gogeta, Purple Goku, Godku and maybe Yellow SSJ Vegeta(though I'm not a big fan of him, apart of hiss Z-Ability). and then in the bench throw in buffs for saiyans. Preferably two sstrike buffs and one health buff(raditz EX). 'Cause you don't have any big blast damage unit.