I know guys that I do not have the best SP character 😖. But can you guys select among these only.LoL

Asked by Bardrock5 months ago


Ok, so take everything with a pinch of salt, I may not be the best one to give advice, but still
I think the best team you can make actually is just a FF team honestly.
With Yellow FFF/Base Vegeta/Ginyu as a core, and then throw in the bench the 3 ff buff units there are(I think they were one of the EX Frieza, Dodoria and Zarbon) and if you don't have them just fill with other things(for example I have zarbon at only 1 star so I'm using a 7 star EX yamcha, for example).

If you wwant to use a Saiyan team, it's difficult 'cause you don't hhave top tier stuff, but in all honesty, if you jusst play and get good, you don't need meta stuff to get high. Obviously there's a point when you will need meta stuff, but there's a long road till there.
I think for a saiyan team I would do maybe....
Actually I'm gonna jusst throw more than one and you can decide or mix them up.
Core Blue Broly-Blueku/Heartku/Red SSJ Vegeta-Red SSJ Goku with Yellow SSJ Vegeta to buff SSJ on the bench and the other 2 bench spots just strike and health buff to saiyans.
Core Blueku-Kaioken Goku/Red Broly- Red SSJ Goku(Depending if you want double melee or balanced with one ranged one melee)/Base Vegeta-Beerus(if you don't mind not buffing him and having him as supp). and then throw in the bench three buff units, I would always put raditz for health and then one strike and one blast or 2 strike depending if you have or not ranged imo.
but if I go with the best, I think the 2 best teams you can make out of saiyan are, Core Red Broly/Blueku/Kaiokken Goku or Red Broly/Blueku-Kaioken Goku/ Base Vegeta, depending if you want three different colors or not. And then just throw buffs into the bench for saiyans.