my current team is:

Broly (PUR)
Bardok (BLU)
Majin Vegeta (RED)

Goku SSJ (BLU)
Raditz (BLU)
Super Vegeta (YEL)

I want to replace Majin Vegeta with a Future Gohan SSJ (YEL) because he is my favorite character, what would you suggest to change in the bench? I was thinking about Mai, Raditz and Super Vegeta, is it a good idea?

Also, I have a question about how the bench works: do bench fighters buff "active" fighters even if they do not fight themselves?

In the Image the EX and SP I do NOT have, everyone else can be added to the team.

Thank you!

Asked by Tsuba885 months ago


So to answer your first questions, yes Z-Ability do buff from the bench, only Z-Ability though, as for the other matter.
Putting Gohan there wouldn't be optimal, you would be mixing too many tags(Hybrid Saiyan with Saiyan with Future).
If you want to play Gohan you should do a pseudo future team.
Gohan and Mai in the Core and then throw in one Trunks unit to activate the passive of Mai for him( and I don't remember if the new Gohan also has a passive with him). And put in the bench buffs for Hybrid Saiyans. Preferably one for blast one for strike and one for health.
Even if Mai is not getting buffed is not important because she's buffing her health alone and she's there to supp(which she's amazing at) and not to deal damage.
And then when you get the new trunks, you should put him in instead of the other trunks you decide to put in.
The future team en is a really dinamica and fun team I really recommend it. I would be using it if the banner wasn't trolling me.