I asked this a few times on reddit, and the team that you see is what everyone says, but is there any chance I can make a better team with what units i have?

P.S. - if you want to see all my Hero units, i can post that too

Asked by PhoenixFlare565 months ago


I mean that's the best team there is in the game right now xD
Though there's some weird units in there.
The bench is not the most optimal.
You want as a Core SSJ Bardock/SSJ Broly/Super Gogeta
and on the bench SSJ Yellow Vegeta, to buff blast, raditz to buff HP and the best strike buff you have for saiyans.

But if you want more inside that's bassically the team they recommend if you head into Top Tag Teams here, and into saiyan tag
Just swap SSJ3 for the unit you have that buff the most strike damage.
If you don't know wich one, there's a tool to search through z-abilities.
And if you don't undestand how Core/Bench work, just head into the guides and look into the team buildings guides.

But you basically have the strongest team in the game.

Well I keep getting wrecked and bullshitted by laggy af and 5+ star whales...idk why i even play, i dont pay for anything in this game, doesnt help im a new player so i missed out on a lot of old units

Also what do you mean by weird units?

By weird units I mean the bench for the team was weird, didn't have cohesion/synergy. Not too much. It seemed like some SP thrown in together, and again, you have the strongest team in the game.
Just keep playing and you'll eventually get good.
And just one point I would like to make, it's easy to shit on whalers, but without them, the game wouldn't exist.