I like to play this game but mainly on weekends no time during week I'm into PvP more now need a good team

Asked by reapersgrim5 months ago


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So, you can do a bunch of teams with what, you have, because I personally like to mix it up and try different teams and not repeat the same over and over, I'm gonna tell you all of them, and you decide if you want to try them or not.
In advance, imo, if you want only the besst one, even if it would be only Melee, the units itself are really good, so I think it would still work, the best would be:
Core: SSJ Bardock/Gogeta/Blueku(to deal with Broly)
and on the bench in all of the teams you will mainly want always, someone buffing HP, and sosmeone buffing Strike and Blast(when there's no ranged/melee, you will obsiouly want only blast//strike buffs respectively.
I would also reccomend in the ssaiyans one have always Bardock on the bench, to bring him in when needed and to buff strike the rest of the time.

Other Saiyans teams that could work would be:
SSJ3 Goku/Gogeta/Kaioken Goku
PUR Goku/Godku-Gogeta/Black(to deal with Broly and or Saiyans in general) and Bardock on the bench.
and honestly, with the three I told you can see there's A LOT of options for saiyans teams, so you can try out other mixes that you want.

Hybrid Saiyan:
not the best rn, but still playable
Kid Goten/Kid Trunks/Gotenks
and on the bench SSJ2 Pur Gohan to buff strike and to bring in when needed.

A really solid team rn, especially 'cause Frieza counter saiyans in general, and Broly specially.
Yellow FFF/Base Vegeta/Ginyu
and the 3 only frieza force buffer there's right now.

Not at it's best moment imo, but still perfectly playable
and bench to buff androids, or if you think you're struggling a lot with hybrid, you could try to put in Krilling instead of 16.

Sagas Warrior:
Also pretty solid right now
Cooler/Gogets/RED Broly
Would be better with SSJ Broly, but still, RED Broly iss also pretty good.

And I think that's it.
Personally, you canplay whatever and make it work until really high ranks, in my case for example, even if it's not the best team, I like playing a lot the female team, and i've been winning with it until tank 35(where I'm at rn), and sometimes going with FF team. And didn't have any issue, now that I'm nearing rank 40, I'm begginig to use a bit more my best team, but still, If you're good you can perfectly go with a non meta team until rank 50.

So I recommend play what's more fun for you

Hope I helped