What I can build from this?

Asked by Tobyto5 months ago


So I'm gonna throw you some of the teams I would make, and you can adapt from there.

The strongest and more solid you could make I think it would be a Saiyan team. The other tags are not ass solid in my opinion but you could make up something and try to work with it.

The main saiyan team I think it would something like
A core of SSSJ3 Goku/Gogeta/Kaioken Goku-SSJ Blueku,
and depending if you choose SSJ Blueku, I would choose Yellow SSJ Vegeta for the bench wich would buff both Gogeta and Blueku, but if you go for Kaioken Goku, I would go for general saiyan buff bench. As to what to put in the bench, just go for your playstyle, if you want to go defensive go for health buffs and such, if you want balance go with health and attack or full of attack. It dependss of you imo. Also you could change Blueku(Kaioken Goku) or someone in the bench for Black if you have a lot of trouble with Broly or Saiyan teams.

If you want to make somehting non Saiyan, you could try to go for Yellow FFF with Green Base Vegeta and Cooler, and bench to buff the Frieza Force(wich there are 3 as of now). But Cooler is not FF, so mind that, he wouldn't get buffed, you could try and swap him for Blue Frieza but I don't think he's a good unit, though it's up to you.

Hope I helped.