I am trying to make a good enough team to reach atleast rank 40. I am currently running an okay saiyan team but wanna make it betger What characters should I change or what characters should i try to get?

Current team is :Kioken goku, gogeta, God goku,

Backups are: Raditz, Blue Extreme goku and sp blu ssj goku

Asked by Safwan285 months ago


If thosse are all of the SP's you have(next time try to post the SP's you have only), I think that's actually the best team you can make imo.
I honesstly don't see a better one, maybe just maybe throw in instead of godku or kaioken one blast unit, but the two saiyans that are ranged you have aren't exactly the best, in fact, imo the difference in blast atk between them is not enough to justify the other stats they have that are lacking a lot, that's just my opinion though.
Godku jusst is way more balanced in stats so it's way better.
Can you maybe tell with what you are struggling exactly? You should be able to reach rank 40 with that team.
Hope I can help you, if there's something else your struggling with.

I was actually thinking that this was the best team i could make aswell but just wanted to make sure! Ive been struggling in pvp recently because all my characters were lvl 1500 vsing lvl 2000s. I grinded today and maxed their lvls out (and soul boosted kioken goku to 498%) so now im winning almost all of my matches! thanks for the help though im already at rank 30 so hopefully ill be able get to rank 50