What do you think about this team?

I'm playing from just a week so I don't have good characters. I found SP Ssj Gohan YEL and I was thinking about an hybrid/future team with SP Trunks (youth). What do you think about that?

Asked by Uddex1 month ago


Well since we cannot see any of your other characters I can't tell you if theres better teams for you possible. But only looking at that team it's not half bad if you just started. I think it'll fare quite okay.

Red Trunks is a bit outdated so he'd be the first one you should replace. Super Sayjan 2 Gohan would be great if you had it.


This is my other SP characters. I played in pvp with a classic saiyan team with shallot 498%, SP Goku BLU, SP Ssj Goku RED, EX Goku blu, EX Raditz and EX Vegeta GRN and I take rank 30 but It's hard to come up in ranking now so I want to change my pvp team for one more competitive.