What team should I use.I am currently using a no Synergy team in PvP and it's getting dumped...I can't even cross lvl 40

Suugest a team plz

Asked by dbl4life5 months ago


A bit difficult to suggest you a team without seeing what you have mate xD

This one's a bit tricky. You have a lot of options to choose from for Saiyan teams.
So I'm gonna give you a couple and you can try them out and decide.
A SSJ team.
Core: SSJ Bardock/Majin Vegeta/SSJ Goku Blue
Problem with this is all Melee, so it's not the best.
The other one you could try which I think would be the best is to go for SSJ3 Goku/Godku/Kaioken Goku. Although this is still heavily Melee, Godku has a fairly balanced Blast Damage so it could still work. And then in the bench just go for Raditz to buff health and two other to buff Blast and Strike to Saiyans.

How's this one got me to 40 but on battling (the team,broly,gogeta,ssj bardock) gets a beating. What ammendments can I make to this one

Ok, so the problem you have is that, what you have is not a team at all, it's only 6 random units thrown in toguther, you should check out the team building guide here for a more extensive explanation.
But basically in this game waht you want when building a team, is forget that teamss are made up of 6 units, because you'll bring only 3 to the battle.
And then select your 3 units, that have tags in common.
For example the two I proposed
SSJ Bardock/Majin Vegeta/SSJ Goku Blue
SSJ3 Goku/Godku/Kaioken Goku
The first one, all of them are SSSJ and Saiyan, and in the second one all of them are saiyan.
If you didn't know, the Z-ability of a unit, affects the fighters in combat, even if they have not been selected.
And then for the other 3 spots in the team, you want to put in 3 units that buff that tag, in this case you want saiyan buffers. In your case because you have only melee, you sshould go for a strike buff, a health buff, and someone buffin or both defenses, or strike and one of the defenses(in this case the best option would be SSJ3 Goku for the first one and another strike buff for the second one).

So, the problem with your team is basically that it has no sinergy. Frieza is only buffing himself, Godku is only buffing himsself, BArdock is also buffing himself, and Base Vegeta and Kaioken Goku also are bufifn only themselves.

Another team you could try, if you want, is a non-saiyan one, a frieza force one, with Final Form Frieza/Base Vegeta/Ginyu, and then the units that buff Frieza Force tag in the bench.