What's the best team that I can make from these characters?

My current is bluku, super vegeta, base bardock, ssj bardock, majin vegeta and dabura. I also have these plus heart virus Goku, first form frieza, Android 16. Rage broly, ssj goten, purple goku sp, sp Ginyu, sp pan, sp 18, sp purple vegeta and old broly

Asked by frantic_fry5 months ago


So first of all, you should normally post only the SP you have, EX tend to be irrelevant(except if you have only a couple SP.
Second of all you should learnt, that structures tend to be of, 3 main units as a Core, wich are the oness that you'r gonna bring into battle, and 3 units on the bench, that are gonna buff your units, youj can mix it up with in the bench have someone that buff and that can go into battle situationally(for example, putting in bardock for his strike buff, and bring him into battle in situations that you need a green).
So you can make a couple of teams, meta doesn't matter that much until really high ranks. SSO with what you have, you could make an Android team with 18/Cell/16, if you have the Blue 18 it's a pretty decent team, if you have yellow 18, is no the besst due to her lack on strike cards, but still viable. And in the bench just buffss for androids(in fact that's the team they made in this page so you can check it out).
As for saiyans.
You can make up a couple of teams, and honestly is difficult to say wich one is better, I woul tell you to try them all and just gow with the one you feel more comfortable(or even make up one with a mix of the ones I tell you if you feel spicy).
Core: SSJ Bardock/Majin Vegeta/Red SSJ Goku with SSJ Yellow Vegeta on the bench to buff the Super Saiyan tag.
The problem with this one is that SSJ Goku Red, is not that good, but you should be able to use him till high ranks, iss just so you have a ranged option. If you don't mind not having a ranged option then you can go for
Core: SSJ Bardock/Blueku/Majin Vegeta
Problem with this is that it's an overload of melee fighters, but still, should be playable till high ranks.
And the most balanced ones would be imo
Core: SSJ Bardock/Blueku/PUR Goku and Bardock on the bench to buff strike and have him as a situational pick.
Honestly I think this one would be the better.
And for the bench just bring in raditz alwayss to buff health and one buff to strike and one buff to blast(if you don't have blast units though just bring in another strike buff, or someone that buff defenses, or both strike and defenses.)

Hope I helped and sorry for the wall of text xD