What's the best team I can make from these characters please?

I am new to the game and I've been using my summons and had some good luck with that I've pulled, I've played PVP twice and won but this was early into the game and I was using my only 3 sparkings I had at the time. Since I've just started and have limited characters I also included extreme characters alongside the sparkings I have.

Asked by Gatzy5 months ago



First, level up your characters a lot to enable optimal pvp performance.
also, you have some good units, but with contrasting synergies unfortunately, but def not bad just not top top tier..
I would recommend:
SSJ Blue Goku - top tier tanky and high strike damage
Goku Purple - strong def and great special move power, z-ability is more lacking
and either Piccolo or Ginyu - both are really strong tanks, just dont match synergy. Ginyu does more damage and Piccolo halves combo damage. I would reccomend Ginyu because he just got buffed and weakens enemy team to blast damage, and piccolo is quite old but still good unit
EX blue Goku - for atk bonus to saiyans
SP krillin - for bonus to blue unit is really good in two areas
shallot - for hp bonus
*bench units will not go into battle, just buff with z-ability
Hope that helps!