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Latest Questions


I just want to ask what is Goku Black helping for? None of the other characters are boosted by him.
P.s. You are doing awesome work with this site!

Asked by Zernary
4 days 4 hours ago

Can someone tell me, how do i obtain the Paragus
equip. card ?

Asked by muffin1403
4 days 18 hours ago

I dont have any blue from new banners, i just have bardock ssj, goku ssj from old brolys saga, old broly and the spirit bomb goku as sparkins blues, some tips vs him or teambuild? :(

Asked by Jetorro24
4 days 22 hours ago

This is my team
Is there anything i can add or remove

Asked by SALT789
5 days 5 hours ago

I asked this a few times on reddit, and the team that you see is what everyone says, but is there any chance I can make a better team with what units i have?

P.S. - if you want to see all…

5 days 22 hours ago

I’m looking to push far in PVP this season, anyway anyone can help? P.S I have almost every ex unit in game

Asked by elid1
6 days 1 hour ago

I like to play this game but mainly on weekends no time during week I'm into PvP more now need a good team

Asked by reapersgrim
6 days 6 hours ago

my current team is:

Broly (PUR)
Bardok (BLU)
Majin Vegeta (RED)

Goku SSJ (BLU)
Raditz (BLU)
Super Vegeta (YEL)

I want to replace Majin Vegeta…

Asked by Tsuba88
6 days 10 hours ago