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So basically wanted to know in yout opinion guysss what's the besst team I can make for a saiyan team?
You can offer multiple options. Right now I'm using Godku/SSJ Broly/Bardock as a core…

Asked by Takagi Raiden
5 days 4 hours ago

My current is bluku, super vegeta, base bardock, ssj bardock, majin vegeta and dabura. I also have these plus heart virus Goku, first form frieza, Android 16. Rage broly, ssj goten, purple goku sp…

Asked by frantic_fry
5 days 5 hours ago

I am trying to make a good enough team to reach atleast rank 40. I am currently running an okay saiyan team but wanna make it betger What characters should I change or what characters should i try…

Asked by Safwan28
5 days 9 hours ago

Here are all my sparkings

Asked by vbnm193
5 days 16 hours ago

I know guys that I do not have the best SP character 😖. But can you guys select among these only.LoL

Asked by Bardrock
5 days 21 hours ago

Any plans on making an equipment tier list? I know we have recommended equipment for each character but I think It'd be really nice to know what equipment I should focus more on farming and what…

Asked by ADG
5 days 22 hours ago

This is my cards for sparkling, i have all the EX charecters

Asked by SALT789
6 days 8 hours ago

What I can build from this?

Asked by Tobyto
6 days 16 hours ago

Just need a team Man..Getting trouble at PvP cuz Of Bardock and Broly xD
Help Meeeeee

Asked by xBasara
6 days 22 hours ago