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Latest Questions


So I was going to play DBL like most days but this time it asked me to put what language I want the game in and what resolution. Also to accept terms of service which I thought was strange. I…

Asked by Hopeless
5 months 3 weeks ago

Hey guys,

I would like ideas to complete 7 stars in Raditz attacks EX-5 and EX-6

I'm not very good at builds, so every tip is welcome.

I am currently trying with VEGETA SP,…

Asked by DookieeBR
5 months 4 weeks ago

Just curious if anyone has some pointers on best stage/team to use for getting this mission accomplished. I have all the characters but dont know a whole lot about team building for specific…

Asked by renzy
6 months ago

I saw that in the androids' passive, saying they would absorb ki attacks when "changing cover" for the first time, but i don't know what it means

Asked by Ceji
6 months ago

Like I only pulled 1 Frieza, how does that actually compare to like a 3 star Frieza.

Asked by tzukishiro
6 months 1 week ago

So i'm very much new to the game and was wondering what does the summoning video means when you try to summon people and how do they differ?

6 months 1 week ago

Does Sparking Freeza's damage boost to Freeza Forces affect all units with that tag on the battle field, including your team (minus Freezy himself), just your team, or the enemy team only? The…

Asked by HighReRoller
6 months 2 weeks ago