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Difficulty Hard
Book Wish Upon a Star
Energy Cost 2
EXP 40000
Zeni 100000
Friendship Points
Quest Type Event
Total Enemy Power Level 3000


Enemy Stats Weak
Lv 3,000
HP 1,477,400
S.Atk 92,813
B.Atk 78,358
S.Def 106,199
B.Def 106,980

First Time Clear Reward

x 10

Drop Table

Item Drop Rate (AVG)
What?! 300.00%
Blue Star Star Piece (Blue) 13,500.00%
Blue Star Star Piece (Blue) 13,500.00%


Challenge Reward
Land the First Attack x 20000
Clear with only 1RED character(s). x 20000
Clear without sustaining more than 1000000 damage x 20000
Land a Special Move 2 time(s) x 20000
Clear without using Rising Rush x 20000
Land a RISING K.O. x 20000
Clear within 60 Counts x 20000
Challenge Complete x 10